Better latte than never

"Coffee & Design" Calligraphy by Renato Molnar

Sorry I’m late. Blogging is such a daunting task! It just looks easy when you see other people doing it and be like ”yeah I’ll do it! I’ll write a blog.” And the next weekend be like ”Ca…n’t… reach… computermachine”. Yeah, I realize nobody calls it that. That’s why I’m a hipster.

So, this is what I found on my table and a raging love for latte art!

latte art Rosetta

latte art Rosetta

I’m making it my official new inspiration to make new clothes or look like a Caffeine slap when I walk down those streets wearing that *#it – whatever floats your boat.

I do call myself a risk taker and lots of people I meet everyday (because of my active social life) say that I’m an adrenaline junkie. Not really. But come on, you know this stuff is pretty extreme. How do they even pour milk and make it look all curly and pretty?! I will find out and be posting some new stuff soon that hopefully looks like latte art! So, shrug. And yes, it would be a DIY.