The places I go for work – Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

So my colleagues and I  went to Hyderabad for Sabysachi’s show to a rather ubergrand Falaknuma place which is now turned into a luxury hotel courtesy Taj Hotels. The building’s foundation was laid  in the 1880’s and is lavish in all the old worldly ways This magnificent architecture is now restored in the taste of the Nizams retaining the eclectic blend of Renaissance architecture, Baroque style, French charm and  art deco sensibilities.


Doesn’t the bright fuchsia wrap look super chic against the architecture? ^^^^^

We were ushered in on the horse drawn carriage. I was blushing.

Falak-numa means “Like the Sky” or “Mirror of the Sky” in Urdu and now you’ll see why…


^This spot was truly magical!


Frescoes on the ceilings… mammoth sized ballrooms, dining halls, oh the glory!ImageImage

During the show, which was held at this grand dining area, the models were gliding around the long table, to the mesmerizing live performance by Ms. Bombay Jayashri. The space was heavy with Oud and incense. See link below for Bombay Jayashri’s live performance pictures via Thehindu


The plates were Versace with gilded gold details.


Special thanks to my boss Sabya for an amazing time. He’s a hero!

This is me on the invites 🙂



For more info about the collection that was showcased see and

And here is a  picture of us in a tub –


Thanks for reading! Later!

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